About Us

Empower Girls Buffalo is an educational curriculum that was founded and developed by a team of experienced school counselors. Michele Melligan is the owner and driving force behind Empower Girls Buffalo. She has devoted her energy into following her passion and being the example for Empower Girls. Having 3 daughters of her own, she understands the importance of setting the example of living a healthy, happy life with confidence. In following her dreams, she decided to dedicate her time and focus on empowering young girls and women.

Empower Girls Buffalo prides itself in expert facilitators who are all educated in the health and wellness, counseling, youth development, education or related field. The components of the program were developed to not only educate but actually engage participants in living a lifestyle that is beneficial physically, socially and emotionally.

Our mission

Educate and inspire girls to live happy and healthy lives both physically and emotionally by having a positive and confident outlook on life.

Empower Girls Buffalo is dedicated to providing girls with resources to living the best life by believing in themselves. Our program is based on 5 components that incorporate a happy and healthy lifestyle. These include modeling and engaging in both physical and emotional well-being. We pride ourselves in being the example for ALL young girls and women as we know and understand that every female can benefit from our service.

Michele Melligan

Michele is the owner and founder of Empower Girls Buffalo. Empower Girls was developed based on her 15 years of experience as a school counselor in the KenTon School District. Since the development of the program, Michele decieded to follow her passion and live out the mission of Empower Girls which is to believe in oneself. In following her dreams, she decided to dedicate her time and focus in the program of empowering young girls and women.

Michele is a holistic practitioner and uses her expertise in the training and development and growth of Empower Girls Buffalo. She has spoken at various schools and universities, wellness centers and other locations promoting healthy lifelstyles that incorporate happiness, confidence and overall well-being. The components of the program were developed to not only educate but engage participants in living a lifestyle that is beneficial physically, socially and emotionally.

Michele graduated from Canisius College with a Masters Degree in Counseling and is certified in emotional therapy through the art of Reiki. Michele uses an promotes relaxation techniques in the program such as yoga, in order to embrace a balanced lifestyle. 

Having 3 daughters of her own, she is inspiried by young girls and their inner drive and enthusiasm. Her mission is not only to inspire girls to become strong, confident women who have a positive and healthy outlook on life, but also to raise her own daughters by being the example and role model. 

Amanda Valenti

Amanda received her B.A. in Psychology from Canisius College and her Master’s from Alfred University.  As a Middle School Counselor, she implemented many programs to her school including Girls on the Run and Girls Growing in Wellness and Balance, a yoga-based program that focuses on improving mind-body awareness, while promoting both physical and psychological health in children and adolescents.  Amanda believes her experiences working with girls in elementary school and all the way up through college have given her great insight on the issues girls and young women face at every stage of life.  In her spare time Amanda enjoys reading, working out, and running.  Amanda is married and has a daughter and twins!  It is her goal to help empower girls, at every age, to be the best versions themselves.

Courtney Keleher

Courtney Keleher is a graduate from Buffalo State College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology. In May 2013 she received her Masters degree in School Counseling from the University at Buffalo.  Growing up with three sisters, Courtney learned from an early age the importance of cultivating and maintaining positive relationships. Courtney is passionate about empowering girls to be confident and self-assured individuals, and believes that the key to a healthy lifestyle is balance. In her free time, Courtney loves to run, read, and spend time with family and friends.

Kim Keleher

Kim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Women’s and Gender Studies from Fredonia State University. As a member of the Women’s Student Union at Fredonia, Kim spent a large portion of her college years encouraging young women to be confident and proud of who they are. Growing up with three older sisters, Kim learned how to embrace individuality and become a positive leader. Kim enjoys working with girls and young women of all ages to help them become confident and empowered individuals through goal setting and positive thinking.