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Our program was designed to create an environment and organization to empower young girls. All of our staff not only focus on teaching the message of "Embrace the Positive" but also make it a priority in their own personal growth and success.

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We offer a variety of workshops to participate in, from a fun hands-on nutrition program, a yoga session for girls, siblings, and Moms, and a workshop that's focused on a little of everything! We also offer a "Social Club" for high school girls now!

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Empower Girls Buffalo

...is a fun, interactive program for girls which incorporates healthy living, exercise, creating nutritious snacks and learning how to navigate through life with a positive perspective.  

This comprehensive program incorporates various activities to “empower” girls to be healthy inside and out. Our goal is to provide and build on essential life skills to help girls grow socially and emotionally and become strong, confident, healthy young women.  

Health, wellness and well being are goals of the program. 

Five key components of the program incorporate various aspects of well being:

Exercise Appreciation - learning about the benefits of healthy exercise.

All About Me - learning about ourselves, each other and our positive qualities.

Nutrition Education – opportunity to create and enjoy healthy snacks.

Relaxation Station – learning ways to cope with everyday stress and worries.

Girl Talk - talking together with girls about to handle things that come our way and discovering how the power of positive thoughts better our lives.

****Girls will be divided into appropriate age groups during specific activities.****


Empower Girls Buffalo
is an opportunity for your daughter to learn about:

  • Herself and her positive qualities
  • Healthy social relationships
  • Friendships  
  • Self-Respect
  • Goal Setting   
  • Decision Making
  • Coping Skills   
  • Stress Relief
  • Benefits of Exercise  
  • Body Image
  • Nutrition Education 
  • The Power of Positive Thinking


Look what NFL's first female coach had to say about us: